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Love Is In The Air Bouquet (Including Chocolate)

Love Is In The Air Bouquet (Including Chocolate)

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"Love Is In The Air" is a romantic masterpiece featured in our exclusive Valentine's Day collection, designed to sweep your loved one off their feet. This enchanting bouquet combines the timeless allure of roses and lilies with a delectable touch of chocolates, making it an exquisite gesture of affection. The fragrant roses symbolise love, while the elegant lilies add an element of sophistication. Paired with indulgent chocolates, this gift creates a sensory experience that ignites the senses and celebrates the essence of love.

Note: If the specified flowers or colours are not available, substitutions may be made with other flower varieties or hues.

We proudly offer delivery services throughout Pascoe Vale and the surrounding suburbs, ensuring your heartfelt gift reaches its destination promptly.

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